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Ukrainian grain broker services

Ukrainian grain broker services
Ukrainian grain broker services - photo 1
Renewed: 3 January 2024, 19:58 ID: 3461
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Кондратюк Виктор Александрович


Broker offers marketing and mediation services that include:
• Market research, direct marketing;
• Consulting services;
• Daily information on prices;
• Search for goods, request for prices and data for purchase;
• Inquiries, negotiations, study of supply and demand;
• Study of the product (technical characteristics, parameters, specifications, instructions);
• Coordination of specifications, prices, production conditions, packaging, payment;
• Obtaining samples, certificates, product catalogs;
• Negotiations with a partner on the terms of a contract for the benefit of the customer;
• Minimization of risks;
• Drafting the text of the contract in accordance with the requirements of domestic legislation and international rules and customs;
• Working out the transportation scheme (logistics);
• Signing of the original contract by the parties;
• Control of the supply chain and financial settlements;
• Organization of goods acceptance and delivery and quality control;
• Organization of legal support for transactions and supplies;
• Help in resolving conflict situations.

Commodity items that the broker can work with:
Wheat, corn, barley, rye and other cereals;
Sunflower, rapeseed and other oilseeds;
Vegetable oils: Sunflower, rapeseed, flaxseed oil and other oils;
Feed additives: compound feed, grain mixtures, meal, cake, bagasse, etc .;

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Кондратюк Виктор Александрович
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Кондратюк Виктор Александрович
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Кондратюк В.А., ФЛП Кондратюк Виктор Александрович, ФОП
Ukrainian grain broker services
Price on request ID: 3461
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