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Pomegranade juice
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Добавлено: 25 ноября 2021, 15:04

Pomegranade juice

2.50 /штука
Haydarov Karim
,  Ташкент, UZ
на Флагма с 26 ноября 2019


100 % natural Pomegranade juice, cold pressed
Origin Uzbekistan
Harvested 2021 year
Asl Food Anor LLC

We use only natural raw materials - pomegranates are grown at 200 hectares of our own gardens equipped with advanced systems like drip irrigation. T
Juices of two types: sweet and sour-sweet are produced at modern equipment of the “Kaiser” brand (Austria), which allows to produce 160 tons of finished products per month and up to 1200 tons per year.
The products are packed in a bag-inbox of 20 liters each.
The shelf life of the product is 12 months at a temperature of + 5 degrees.
The products are certified with Global GAP, ISO 22000-2018 international certificates. In the 3rd quarter of 2022 we are receiving Organic certificate (in cooperation with Control Union company, the Netherlands).
Asl Anor juices supplies production to the CIS countries and the EU.
The delivery method is by tracks and containers.
Minimum order is 20 tons of product (26 pallets of bag-inbox of 20 liters each).
Terms of delivery FCA and by agreement CIP.

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,  Ташкент, UZ
на Флагма с 26 ноября 2019
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