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Manganese в Тэгу

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I-Rem filter (removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide)
Цена по запросу
I-Rem effectively performs the following functions: removal of iron; removal of manganese; removal of hydrogen sulphide; The service life of the filtering backfill is 7 years! This filter does not require additional reagents and contact tanks Price on request, depending on the required capacity.
23 мая
Manganese ore
Manganese ore - фото 1
Manganese ore - фото 2
+1 фото
Manganese ore - фото 3
Цена по запросу
Commodity: Manganese ore Quantity: Buyer LOI Price CIF: USD /MT Delivery term: CIF Port Asia Terms of payment: LC Specifications: Mn 46% basis, Rejection below 45% (on dry basis)
23 янв 2021
Sealant two-component (polysulfide) for double-glazed window
Sealant two-component (polysulfide) for double-glazed window - фото 1
Sealant two-component (polysulfide) for double-glazed window - фото 2
Sealant two-component (polysulfide) for double-glazed window - фото 3
1.75 €/л EXW  
опт 0.99 - 1 €/кг
We send you the technical data of products to review our products. If you are interested in these products, we will be happy to send you any additional information. Two-component sealants produced by the Turkish company "Tioseal" represent the further development of Thiokol (polysulfide) sealants.
13 фев 2019
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