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Iron oxide Roasted Iron Pyrites or Pyritic Ashes (Iron) HS Code: 26012000 / GAR20012
72 €/т FOB
1. Material is excellent pellet feed for blast furnaces ( not suitable for EAF furnace). The Iron oxide is produced in Finland and will be shipped out of the Port of Kokkola. 3. Attached you find the assay (done by Neutral surveyor) of the cargo 90.000 mt was shipped to China. The iron oxide
6 ноя 2020
Sulfur technical gas lump
21 $/т EXW  
опт от 21 $/т
Mass fraction of sulfur: Not less than 99.96% GOST: 127.1-93 Code HS 250300900 Country of origin: Uzbekistan Packing: Liner-Bag, Big Bag containers 1200-1500kg Delivery volume per month: from 3000 tons and more Terms of payment: Prepayment in US dollars for each shipped consignment Lump sulfur
13 июл 2021
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