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Mayonnaise в Кёнгидо

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High-calorie "Appetito" mayonnaise Provencal 67%
1.30 $/шт FCA
Classic high-calorie mayonnaise with a mass fraction of fat content of 67% has a classic taste Provencal density and consistency. Smoothly envelops salad ingredients. It does not cut off when interacting with vegetables in a salad, prevents the airing of ready meals. A bucket of 800 grams is
24 фев 2021
Refined Bleached Deodorized Winterized Sunflower Cooking Oil
1 €/шт
RBDW Sunflower Oil is a general purpose oil often used for the preparation of dressings for salads and raw vegetables, marinades, mayonnaise and diet-margarine. It can also be used for shallow frying, pastry making and baking.
19 мая 2023
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