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wheat bran в Кёнгидо

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В Южной Корее
Оптовая цена
от 220 $/т EXW
We are selling soft wheat of the 3 classes in internet by correspondence. The volume is 500 to 8000 tons. A wheat fall number is 150 minutes and the minimum of gluten is 26. Other parameters by guest. The wheat was bought from а farmer, thus VAT is trader's. We will be glad to consider your request.
+1 объявление
5 янв 2021
Wheat flour export from Ukraine
265 $/т FCA
We offer wheat flour top grade on basis: FCA 265$ FOB Odessa - 290$/tonne. CIF by request. We produce and sell: wheat flour Top grade, First grade, orgin: Ukraine Specification: wheat flour Top grade Quality - State GSTU 46.004-99 (soft grades of wheat): Wet Gluten: not less 25-26%. Falling
13 мая 2020
Пшеница – Wheat
Цена по запросу
Продам - Пшеница твёрдая, клейковина 30-37%, стекловидность 70-75% - Пшеница мягкая, клейковина 35-37%, ЧП 340, натура не ниже 740 г/л - Пшеница мягкая, клейковина 30-33%, ЧП 250, натура не ниже 740 г/л - Пшеница мягкая, клейковина 25-29%, ЧП 230-270, натура не ниже 740 г/л - Чечевица
23 апр 2021
Мука пшеничная Wheat flour
Оптовая цена
200 - 240 $/т FOB
Реализуем в Украине и на экспорт пшеничную муку высшего и первого сорта, производство Украины. 100% органическая. Возможность упаковки в мешки, пакеты с маркировкой покупателя. we sell wheat flour of the highest and first grade, production Ukraine. 100% organic. The possibility of packaging in
5 фев 2018
Оптовая цена
от 1 вон/шт
We offer for sale agricultural products (WHEAT, FODDER BARLEY, YELLOW CORN, SOYA, SUNFLOWER SEEDS) Wholesale, large wholesale. Export to any safe port in the world on FOB, CIF delivery terms. Price on request.
14 мар
Зерно - пшеница, кукуруза, ячмень, просо, овес, рожь | Grain
Цена по запросу
Grain - wheat, corn, barley, millet, oats, rye in bulk, we sell from Ukraine with delivery to your country. Indicators: Wheat Moisture 12, gluten 24, weediness 0.5, 0.4, and up to 2 Corn Moisture up to 14.5, weed up to 2.5. Quality is better, we are ready to offer. Years 2017, 2018, 2019. You can
26 янв 2022
Wheat bran 밀기울
Цена по запросу
Our company sells Wheat bran. We work by bank transfer. Basic principles of our work: - Reliability of contractual conditions; - We offer long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation; - Timely and quality delivery of products is one of our most important priorities; - The products meet the state
+1 объявление
28 авг 2020
Greenfield Incorporation sells Wheat Bran
Оптовая цена
150 - 160 $/т
Wheat bran is made up of unsorted and shell flour wheat grains. Range of these products is represented feed bran and bran for food industry. Bran can be pelletized and granular. Packaged in bulk, bags of 50 kg or according to your request.
+2 объявления
6 июн 2018
Wheat protein 10,5% -11,5% -12,5%
330 $/т
We offer agricultural products for export on CIF/FOB/DAP terms 1. Feed barley from Ukraine CIF 2. NGMO soybeans from Brazil protein 35-37%, 38%, 40-42% CIF 3. Wheat protein 10,5% -11,5% -12,5% from Ukraine CIF/FOB and Moldova FOB/DAP 4. Durum wheat Argentina: Protein 13%, 12.5%, 11.5% CIF 5. Corn
+3 объявления
1 фев 2022
Wheat Flour
Цена по запросу
We offer CIF / FOB deliveries of large quantities of wheat flour. Origin: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
+1 объявление
7 сен 2020
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