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nickel в Сеуле

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Vanadium , Molybdenum , Nickel , Tungsten , Precious metals . .. spent catalyst, concentr
1 000 €/т DAT
We buy around Europe or " safely " around the world-from Steinweg or other internationaly bonded warehouses : Vanadium V2o5 , Molybdenum , Nickel , Tungsten , Cooper , Wolfram , Cobalt ... Precious metals ( Pt, Pd, Rh , Ag , Au )containing cooper nickel matter or similar : fines, concentrates,
3 июн 2021
Powders for thermal coatings
11 $/шт
Dear investors, we offer an enterprise for the creation and use of iron-based powder (instead of nickel)developed by one of the teams of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine alloy based on iron grade x, does not contain nickel and has properties that can serve as an alternative to nickel
2 дек
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Copper scrap
300 €/т CIF
We are direct exporter of copper wire scrap to any port. We produce and export high quality Copper Milberry Wire Scrap for Sale. We specialized in production and exportation of Nonferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc and others, We have the following products in
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